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Measure room acoustics in a few seconds and know immediately
what you need for perfect acoustics

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Increase your skills and easily carry out your own acoustic surveys

Craftsmen, decorators, building professionals

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Simplify your calculation processes and quickly assess your acoustic needs

Architects, acousticians, designers

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Offer your installers a unique tool and expand your network

Manufacturers of acoustic products

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"This room is so loud, we can't hear each other talk!”

Who hasn’t heard that sentence?
Study after study has shown that acoustic discomfort is one of the main sources of stress in workplaces and restaurants.
Today, the need for dealing with acoustics is growing and we are increasingly aware of all the benefits that a good acoustic treatment can bring in terms of daily comfort.
But, how do we deal with it?
What is too loud?
Can we measure it?
What are the ideal acoustics for any given room?
Do we need to add absorbent materials? Which ones?
And in what quantities?

These are all questions that CAPTURE can answer... in a few seconds!


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Acoustic measurement have never been so simple

CAPTURE shows you in real time:

The current reverberation time of the room (how 'echoey' the room is)

The ideal reverberation time

How much absorbent material you need for perfect acoustics

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Real time or Offline mode

Whether you are on site or back at the office, CAPTURE works the same way. Numerous storage banks allow you to save your measurements on the device.
Any time you want to fine-tune your settings, simply change any parameter of your measurement and the calculations adjust in real time for unlimited flexibility.


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What if you could offer your customers an acoustic treatment and know you’re giving them good advice?

Listen to the difference!

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Whether you’re a contractor, a craftsman, a decorator, you are used to carrying out fitting out or renovation work at your customers' homes, now you can add acoustic analysis and treatment to your range of skills:
Acoustics can be a very complex field that requires many technical skills for large-scale applications. However, in many cases, the resonance of a room is the main parameter responsible for the sound discomfort for its occupants.
CAPTURE calculates everything for you!
Open up a new market and new opportunities.
Many installers recommend acoustic products using, let’s be honest, guesswork – but acoustics is an exact science.
With CAPTURE, you can become a real professional and gain credibility with your customers by equipping yourself with the first acoustic measurement and calculation device on the market.


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Make your life easier!

You are an acoustician, an architect, a designer - reduce your costs linked to acoustic measurements on site. CAPTURE performs precise reverberation time measurements in just a few seconds. Thanks to a simplified interface, acoustic measurement becomes child's play and within everyone's reach.


Save time on post-processing your data. No more Sabine's formulas and Excel spreadsheets. CAPTURE immediately displays the surface area of acoustic material needed according to the alpha coefficients of the materials used.

In the office, the Offline mode allows you to refine your recommendations

by simulating as many configurations as you want.

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Develop your network

You are a manufacturer of acoustic products, develop your network of prescribers. Thanks to CAPTURE, the acoustic study is within everyone's reach.


Offer your installers a real competence in acoustics and simplify the order taking. In a few seconds, your installers will be able to specify their exact needs in terms of acoustics. 


CAPTURE can be fully customised* to your brand. Offer your installers an acoustic measurement tool entirely dedicated to your products.

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* under conditions

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